THEY Equal WE    

By Heelface

They direct our gaze so we look up and out into space for danger, so we neglect to look in the mirror.

They warn that the world will end with monsters and ghouls, and we ignore that we are the horror.

They refuse to acknowledge their responsibility in the systematic dismantling of society, all the while they profit from the destruction.

They repeat the reliance of an external economy forever out of our reach, so we desire from without instead of cultivate from within.

They create social chaos and destabilize the foundation of humanity, by underfunding the pillars of society and undervaluing the education of children.

They play government games of inaction and inner circle jerking, so they can pet the special interests of the elite, instead of the regular interests of those they are sworn to advocate for.

They refuse to work from within and return home to a place of love and family and education and accountability and kindness to our neighbours.

They don’t want us to see. They want us to be distracted. To want for objects. To fear imaginary threats. To worry about a human-made economy, a mathematical equation they insist is the truth.

The only truth to be afraid of is living one that is not yours.

If we live our truths with compassion, understanding and strength, while acknowledging we have different ideas of truth, our foundation will be the same. From within. From the heart. For each other. Bound forever, fates connected, all made of flesh and bone, but never forsaking what we know to be right, for the sake of what They had in mind for us.

It is not revolution. It is the evolution of humanity to a higher and simpler way of inhabiting this world together.

-Written in a dark corner of the Heelfactory by Heelface

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