The Crumbled Psyche of a Bygone Era

The Crumbled Psyche of a Bygone Era


The patriarchy had crumbled,

The male psyche weakened,

Infiltrated and destroyed, exposing to the bone their need to topple all things feminine & un-possessed.


At last we ran the show,

Ran what was left.

Though, somehow, we had to fight harder than before to move beyond.


Beyond the barren landscape of it all.

Barren in nature,

Barren in finances.


Barren in infrastructure.




I was lucky I had a family.

Small, but a unit still. So I fought for them.

It was all I knew how to do.


I’d blame the men for this existence but I fear it would shatter their already brittle self-image.

Wringing out the last of the womb clinging aggression they were so famous for.

So we agreed to let the surviving males stay,

Remaining vigilant to snuff out any hint of masculine compulsion to destroy or dismantle.


We had no other choice.

It was the only way we could look ourselves in the water’s reflection and, with honesty,

Maintain we had evolved.



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