It’s Nice To See You



It’s nice to see you.


Your quaking confidence.

Your spectacular self doubt.

Your roots of dysfunction.

Your warm smack across my face.


Your porous, goo-filled and cracked open pain.

Your impenetrable stoicism.

Your happiness that bleeds from your freckles.

Your need to sprint across the field, faster and faster as time moves on.


Your faith and doubt.

Your anger.

Your beating heart.

Your useless ears, deflecting sound at will.


Your blindness and always losing your glasses.

Your single minded obsessions.

Your grip on my legs when I fall over that cliff.

Your brainy brain.


Your coarse hair locked in a spiral.

Your deep penetrating voice.

Your feminine magic and strength and dominance.

Your depths, those open faced pits of laughter and tragedy.




It is nice to see you today.

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